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Our goal with this website is to provide the consumer with in-depth user reviews and background information of all the different rifle scopes on the market. We’ve done hours of research so that you don’t have to.

Whether you want cheap or expensive rifle scopes, you are sure to find the right one on this site. If you found value out of this site please leave us a comment.

We are a group of hunters and shooters with varying backgrounds. We are from all walks of life.

Some are engineers that can dig into the technical details on how hunting and rifle optics work and why certain features are better than others. Others don’t have that technical background but share their own experience to provide you with the best reviews and unbiased information you can find.

We are financing this site with the small share that we get from affiliate commissions. We get these when you use a link on the site and the purchase at the online retailer we link to.

We do not recommend lesser-quality products under any circumstances even though we earn a small commission when you purchase. It’s our goal to enable you to get the best optic for your needs. It is NOT our goal to make the most commission!

We appreciate your support!


Rifle Scopes Review Team