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BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Review

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Introduction

The BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross is one of the best deals if you are in the market scope that is low on price but high on features. Offering the amazing quality and features expected from high end scopes at a fraction of the price without any serious compromises, it is highly recommended for any hunting enthusiast.

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Features:

  • 3-12x variable magnification with a large 50 mm objective lens
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof construction
  • Multi-coated optics with Illuminated center-lit 30/30 IR Cross reticles
  • Excellent for low-light and dark background hunting conditions
  • Fast Focus Eyeball
  • Scope caps included

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Magnification, Field of View & Resolution

Magnification is the most important characteristic of any scope and the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro boasts a variable magnification feature, allowing users to enlarge targets from 3 to 12 times their original size. Although fixed magnification scopes are less complex and thus more reliable, the flexibility that variable magnification offers far outweighs any concerns about dependability. You can avail the full 12X zoom to make long shots a cinch, or any other magnification value depending on how far the target is. The advantage offered by variable magnification is that you can zoom out for closer objects, increasing your field of view (which is the amount of terrain visible in the scope). A larger field of view translates to an unparalleled ease of spotting targets through the scope, as well as tracking moving objects.
Continuing with the field of view, the BARSKA Huntmaster Pro has a rating of 35 feet at 3X magnification and 10 feet at the maximum 12X magnification. A typical value for a scope in this price range 30 feet, so the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro has the upper hand here. And because the field of view decreases as the magnification is increased, the variable magnification comes in handy to adjust it to a suitable value, something fixed magnification scopes can not do.
However, you can only spot a target if the image through the scope is sharp and clear, allowing you to distinguish objects from the background easily. This means that the scope has to have a good resolution, which is usually dependent on a number of variable factors, in particular the quality of glass used to make the lenses and the quality of the lens coatings. You will be pleased to know that the BARSKA Huntmaster Pro offers excellent resolution, producing a sharp and crisp image which is quite remarkable for a scope in its price range.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Objective Lens diameter

The objective lens is the foremost lens in the scope, the one closest to the target. The most important attribute of the objective lens, apart from the glass quality, is its diameter. Typical objective lenses in scopes are about 40 to 44 mm. in diameter, whereas the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro has a significantly larger lens at 50mm. What does this mean for the user? The general rule for objective lens diameters is that bigger is better. The larger the objective lens, the greater is the amount of light entering the scope, called the light gathering ability of the scope. And the greater the quantity of light entering the scope, the brighter will be the image, which makes is very useful in low light conditions. Additionally, a larger objective lens offers a larger field of view at any magnification setting than a scope with a smaller objective lens. And although bigger is better, size does result in a handicapping compromise in terms of usability, because a larger objective lens means that the size of the scope has to increase as well, making them unwieldy and difficult to aim through. As a result, the BARSKA Huntmaster Pro manages to maximize brightness and field of view while maintaining its thin profile, an optimal compromise between practicality and image quality.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Eye Relief & Precision Adjustments

As far as safety goes, the most vital concern about a scope any shooter will have is the eye relief measurement. The eye relief is the distance, measured in inches, that the eye can be placed from the scope without compromising image quality. The reason for this is because most guns recoil, moving rapidly towards the shooter which can lead to a nasty cut above the eye due to contact with the ocular lens (the lens closest to the eye), aptly named “scope eye”. The recoil depends on the power of the rifle, and for most hunting rifles, the BARSKA Huntmaster Pro proves to have a suitable eye relief value at 2.7 inches.

Another important concern is precision adjustment knobs, which are a must for all types of scopes. The BARSKA Huntmaster Pro allows users to adjust the windage and elevation to ensure that the scope is zeroed in, meaning that the bullet goes exactly where the cross hair is sighted at. These adjustments are important because scopes have to be zeroed in once in a while, as well as when targeting in elevated terrain.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Optical Coatings & Water/Fog Proof

Optical coatings are a great distinguishing factor for any optical device, elucidating the quality you can expect from the scope. There are four main types of coatings offered:

  • Coated: A single layer on at least one lens surface.
  • Fully Coated: A single layer on all air to glass surfaces.
  • Multicoated: Multiple layers on at least one lens surface.
  • Fully Multicoated: Multiple layers on all air to glass surfaces.

Coatings play a very important role in the quality of the image that a scope produces. These coatings help to decrease losses in light due to reflection, meaning that more light enters the scope leading to a brighter image with a high contrast. The general rule is that the more the coatings, the better is the quality of the image, but the quality of the coatings and glass plays a much more significant role. The BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro is multicoated, and coupled with its high quality lenses, is excellent at light gathering, making it a great choice for low light conditions.

Water and fogging are constant hindrances in hunting, which the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro avoids by offering its users a completely water proof and fog proof scope. This makes it suitable for using in any weather conditions thanks to the O-rings integrated into its design for complete water protection. The lenses are also nitrogen purged to avoid fogging due to weather conditions or the user’s breath, giving you very few excuses for missing a shot.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Optional Accessory Attachments

To protect the delicate lens against the elements, the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro comes with a scope cap for the manufacturer, which is vital for snowy or dusty conditions. The scope cap itself is very clear, making targeting possible even when it is on. However, in case you are looking for versatility as well as no compromises due to dust or snow, a flip open scope cap is a great addition to your arsenal. Easily available online at great prices, these keep the objective lens clear and allow you to easily flip open the cover when taking aim, and close it once you are done.

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BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Pros & Cons

The BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro has a seemingly endless list of attributes vouching for it. Its performance in low light conditions is remarkable, courtesy of its high quality lens and multiple lens coatings. The variable magnification and precision adjustments add to its versatility, making no shot too hard in any given set of conditions. One of the greatest features on it that deserves special mention is the infra red reticle that is a treat to use, and makes tracking in low light conditions a sure bet. Add the sturdy, shock proof design and the water and fog resistant attributes, and you get an excellent scope for your money.

There are no particular cons to list against this particular scope except for some users reporting that using the scope at maximum magnification tends to compromise the image quality. However, as this scope is specialized for low light hunting, the chance that you will need the full zoom is highly improbable, and will no taint the great shooting experience this scope has to offer in any way.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Customer Reviews

You can find a lot of reviews on Amazon for the BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross. The overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive and the average rating of all customer reviews on Amazon.com at this time is a 4.1 out of 5 stars! Below are a few snippets of what people that bought the rifle scope commented:

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BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope Price

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