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BSA Sweet .22 3-9×40 mm Rifle Scope Review

The BSA Sweet .22 3-9×40 mm Rifle Scope is a scope calibrated specifically for the .22 LR round. It offers a high range of magnification power and a good resolution.

Review of the BSA Sweet .22 3-9×40 mm Riflescope

It allows a narrow field of view making the object an easy target. The BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black is ideal for big game and small game hunters. Below are the features of this product.

Review of the BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Riflescope

The sections below provide an overview of the features and capabilities of the scope.


  • Rapid change turrets for 36-gr., 38 and 40-gr. Bullets
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Magnification of 3-9 times
  • 40 mm objective
  • 10.8 – 3.6 mm exit pupil
  • Field of view at 100 yards, 36.6′ at 3X, 15.7′ at 9X
  • Eye relief of 3”
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% fogproof
  • 100% shockproof
  • An adjustable objective
  • Hand adjustable windage and elevation
  • 1″ tube
  • It also has lens covers
  • 13.5″ in length
  • Weighs 20 ounce
  • Rings can be bought separately

Magnification, Field of View and Resolution

It is necessary to note the magnification of the scope you will be using. Magnification indicates the number of times the object you are viewing can be enlarged. In choosing whether you need a high or low magnification, one must keep in mind the shooting target of your choice. Higher magnification indicates a narrower field of view. With a magnification of 9 X 40 mm, the BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black offers a power ranging from medium to high with a narrow field of view.

  • Medium power (3 – 9 x 50) is ideal for hunting big games at a medium range
  • High Power (6 – 23 X 50) is usually for target shooting, and hunting small game and varmint

BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black can be categorized under these two range of powers. Generally, this scope is suitable for big and small game hunting as well as for target shooting.

With this scopes resolution, it can make a distinction for fine details and its sharpness.

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter indicates the amount of light that can enter the scope. Also, the brightness of the image can be determined through the scope’s objective lens diameter.

It is important to be particular to the objective of the lens of the scope you are choosing for the brightness of an object depends on the lens’ objective. Technically, scopes with larger lens allow more light and make the image appear brighter.

The BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black comes with an adjustable objective lens diameter. With its flexible objective, the light and brightness of the target object can be adjusted to your choice.

Eye Relief and Precision Adjustment

The distance between your eyes and your scope is a factor that allows you to acquire the field of view. Eye relief can indicate the space you need between your eyes and your scope in looking at your entire field of view – What is the proper eye relief for a scope?

With an eye relief of 3”, your eyes can still view your target field even if it is 3” away from the BSA Scope Matte Black. The full image of the target field can still be viewed without dark edges.

Optical Coating and Water / Fog Proof

BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte has a 100% optical coating, is 100% water and fog proof. In choosing a scope, it is important to take note if your scope of choice is water and fog proof.

Technically, most scopes come in water and fog proof. However, optical coatings vary. Coating differs when it comes to type, quality, and number. Because coating can reduce glare and minimize reflection reducing the possibility of a loss of light, choosing a quality coating is necessary.

Coatings come in single coated, fully coated, multicoated, and fully multicoated. With the variation of coatings also comes a difference in their prices. The quality coating can prove to be expensive.

If you are aiming for a better light transmission with sharp contrast, you may want to choose more coated optical lens.

Optional Accessory Attachments

When choosing scopes, you can buy accessory attachments together with the scope. Optional accessories include bases, rings, and scope covers. Bases, which come in one and two piece, keep the scope (check out the Vortex Crossfire 2!) and rifle together allowing consistency in shooting tight groups.

You might want to consider to get some basic accessories for your scope that can really help in the field. The first is the Bushnell Laser Boresighter which can help to ease the process of sighting in your scope accurately.

Another popular accessory bought regularly with the BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope are the AccuShot Premium 1-Inch Weaver Style See-Thru Medium Profile Rings to mount your scope.

Customer Reviews

There are a few reviews online to be found for the BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope. The vast majority of these reviews are positive.

Read customer reviews about the BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black.

Pros and Cons

BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black has an advantage of being easily adjustable to your preferences. The product is worth its cost. However, it takes a little getting used to its objective lens adjustability.


Click here to find current pricing and more information on the BSA Sweet .22 3 – 9×40 mm Rifle Scope Matte Black. Check out our other rifle scope reviews if you want more in-depth analysis of different hunting scopes.

Review of the BSA Sweet .22 3-9×40 mm Riflescope
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