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Burris Rifle Scope Reviews

When one decides to participate in hunting, there is an ultimate goal at hand for success and pure enjoyment. Yet, what makes hunting enjoyable and beyond that, what contributes to a hunter’s success?

Reviews of Burris Riflescopes

Well, every tool a hunter has can contribute to that; from the gear that is used to the tools each individual has and learns. Burris Riflescopes has created many opportunities and products for the beginning, average, and advanced hunter, so success and enjoyment may come to life for each person.

About Burris Optics

Burris Optics has been around since the year of 1971 when a design engineer named Don Burris decided to further his interest and career in optics to create a high designed riflescope that may surpass success beyond what is currently on the market. After Burris Optics came into the business, new products such as rings, bases, and open sights came into creation, giving a baseline for what they are known for.

Burris Logo

Yet, this was not the ultimate goal at hand when Burris decided to create this new business after his twelve-year run with a Denver-based optic company called Redfield. Soon enough, Burris began to lay out the structure of a new design for riflescopes, and quicker than expected, he created the first riflescope for Burris Optics, which was named Fullfield.

Over time, more products of advanced technology for not only riflescopes, but other hunting tools have come into play; and Burris Optics has continued to have multitudes of success with their new designs, partnership with Beretta holdings, and marketing of many products after Don Burris passed in 1987.

Over time, Burris Optics has continuously been expanding, improving, and selling top of line products to all of their customers, out of their home location in Colorado. They now also supply to many dealers through the United States and even, internationally.

Product Range

Burris Optics started as a company that had a desire to expand and create beyond the available riflescope, but today, it is much more than that. This company has a wide range of optic products available for each type of hunter that is looking in the market.

There are many different types of riflescopes that are available, and each one can fit each type of hunter. There are competition scopes, tactical scopes, as well as hunting scopes that are available for purchase.

When Burris Optics came into the marketplace, their purpose was specific to providing mainly technologically advanced riflescopes. Yet, through their successes with the riflescope, they have expanded their product line.

They now sell different types of binoculars, spotting scopes, sights, reticles, and even mounting systems. Each product is specific to the foundational goal that Don Burris created when he pursued the making of more technological advanced optics.

Depending on what you need, Burris Optics may be in the market to fulfill your needs. Their main focus is specific to hunting optics, as they have worked to perfect their riflescopes.

If pristine optics is what you are looking for, Burris Optics will have it. Yet, don’t forget that they also provide other gear that is just as important in success for the art of hunting. They have simple accessories that range from sunshades to scope covers.

The popularity of Burris Optics

Over the past few decades, Burris Optics has gained a name for themselves in the hunting industry. Their perfected technology and dedication to the customer’s experience have brought forth great quality.

Yet, what exactly is Burris Optics known for? They are known for many products, but beyond that, they are known for their lifetime guarantee. Burris Optics prides themselves on the quality of products that they manufacture. Due to this, they offer a forever warranty with “no questions asked.” The simplest qualities in a company like Burris Optics makes them reliable beyond measures.

The products that Burris Optics are specifically known for are their riflescopes that they have manufactured. Through their deep ambitions, changing and manufacturing riflescopes –  that are specific to not only each hunter but to the many different types of hunting – makes this company quite well – known.

Through their skilled mindset and their specific engineering of these new and improved products, the optics that Burris has put on the market has provided great improvement and success within this outdoor industry.

Knowing what you want and need, as a hunter, is important for achieving your personal goals (Scope Turrets – Guide to Getting to Know Them!). Whether you are interested in hunting as a fun activity where you can connect with nature, or if you are in it for the long haul for competitive improvement, knowing and having the proper gear can help you soar to great sights with comfortability in all that you do.

Where are Burris Scopes Made?

Burris manufactures and assembles its scopes and optics in a variety of locations. The lower-end scopes and optics are mostly assembled in the Philippines and China. The higher-quality scopes, like the XTR III are assembled with components manufactured in Colorado in Burris’ Greeley plant. Burris does however inspect and test all scopes in their Colorado facility.

Burris is one of the brands that delivers great value while staying affordable. While many of the scopes might be produced in Asia, they are all covered under their forever warranty. This is a clear indication that affordable and coming from Asia does not result in you having to suffer from low-quality!

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Reviews of Burris Riflescopes
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