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Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Scope Review

The Burris RT-6 1-6×24mm riflescope is designed to be an affordable, lightweight scope for the AR-15. This makes it perfect for anyone looking to use their AR-15 in a tactical or hunting situation.

The Burris RT-6 riflescope is a high-quality scope at a reasonable price that can provide users with both quality and convenience.

Burris RT-6 Rifle Scope Review

Different RT-6 Models

You can get the RT-6 either as a standalone scope or as a combination of a red dot on top of the RT-6 scope. The scope is a high-end optic that is designed specifically for the AR-15 platform. The red dot on top is the Burris Fastfire 3, a formidable red dot sight.

It comes with a red dot sight and an illuminated reticle that has 12 brightness settings. The Burris RT-6 riflescope has an optical system that is made of high-quality aluminum and an all-metal housing.

The Burris RT-6 riflescope is a perfect scope for hunting, scouting, or shooting at long ranges. The optics are so good that you can even see the target clearly when it’s 400 to 600 yards away from your position.

It is a six-power variable scope with a red illuminated reticle and 1/4 MIL measurements on the erector tube for precise long-range shooting.

The Burris Fastfire 3 red dot on top of the scope is used for rapid target acquisition at close-quarter ranges. The combination of the scope with the red dot on top makes it a great combo to use for hunting and home defense. You save yourself from changing optics from scope to electronic sight when you switch from short-range to long-range shooting.

Burris Optics RT-6 Riflescope with FastFire 3 on top
Burris Optics RT-6 Riflescope with FastFire 3 on top

Using the Burris RT-6 as a Hunting Scope

The Burris RT-6 rifle scope is the perfect hunting scope for long-range shooting (check out the best long-range scopes for 1000 yards). It has a reticle that is easy to see and use, and it will last for a lifetime with proper care.

This rifle scope has a large eye relief, which means you can have the best accuracy because you can stay focused on your target without straining your eyes. The lens is also multicoated, which means it will be easier to see in low-light situations.

The Burris RT-6 scope is an excellent choice for hunting. It is the perfect scope for those looking for a lightweight, durable scope with an impressive range.

The lens offers both clear daytime and nighttime viewing, making it perfect for hunting nocturnal animals like deer or coyotes. The lens is made of high-quality optical glass, which will give you a crisp and clear image in any light conditions.

It also comes with features like one-hand adjustment turrets, precision finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs, and an illuminated reticle which makes it easier to aim in low light conditions or even in other challenging lighting environments.

RT-6 Magnification Range

The Burris RT-6 1-6×24 (learn what the numbers on a rifle scope mean!) is a variable magnification scope, meaning that it can be adjusted to different magnification levels. And it has reticle patterns that are designed for close, medium, and long-range shooting.

The magnification range of the Burris RT-6 is 1-6x. Even just a few years ago, a scope with a six times zoom would have cost an arm and a leg, and nowadays, you get a quality version like the RT-6 for pretty cheap money.

The Burris RT-6 is useful for short to medium to long-range shooting. It provides the user with quick target acquisition at close ranges and fast target engagement at longer ranges while also being accurate enough for hunting purposes.

The Burris RT-6 features a 6x magnification and an illuminated reticle. It also has a side focus system for when you need to adjust your focus to your current target distance. The scope is made with high-quality aluminum to be lightweight but still durable enough for any hunt, even in extreme weather conditions.

Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope
Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Ballistic AR Mil Reticle

The reticle on the RT-6 is Burris’ Ballistic AR Mil Reticle that you can also find on their MTAC scopes. It’s calibrated for 5.56 and .223 ammo.

The reticle features a broken circle that is illuminated for short-range, fast-focus target acquisition. To make it useful for a scope with a 6x magnification, Burris provided tick marks for trajectory compensation for ranges up to 600 yards.

It’s an overall easy-to-understand and use reticle for short ranges as well as long-range shooting. The illuminated reticle’s brightness can be adjusted in 11 different settings. It’s a great range to support low-vision shooting as well as hunting in bright daylight.

The illuminated reticle is position on the rear focal plane, making it grow and shrink based on the magnification you dial in. Typically, hunters do prefer second focal plane reticles, while competition shooters work better with first focal plane reticles.

Field of View and Objective Lens Size

The Burris RT-6 has a 24mm objective lens diameter. This is pretty standard for many, if not most, 1-6x scopes you can find. It helps to keep the weight down and makes it easier to mount the scope lower.

The downside of a smaller objective lens diameter is that you usually will have worse low-light capabilities. Burris makes up for that by using very good glass, which allows you to target quickly and reliably during dusk and dawn. The lenses are fully multi-coated to optimize target acquisition during any light condition.

The field of view is a solid 106-18.5 ft @ 100 yards depending on your magnification settings. This roughly compares with other scopes in that price range.

Burris did provide a generous eye relief for the RT-6. It ranges between 3.3 and 4 inches, depending on what magnification you have dialed in.

Light Transmission

As already mentioned above, a small objective lens will have its problems with producing a crisp and vivid sight image in low light. Therefore, do not expect to have light transmission and low-light capabilities as you would see it in high-end scopes with a 50 mm objective lens diameter.

However, Burris is building the RT-6 with very clear glass. Compared to other scopes in that class, the Burris RT-6 does offer solid light transmission and low-light handling (check out the best low-light scopes).

Tube Diameter and Design

The scope tube diameter on the RT-6 is 30mm. This diameter has seemingly become the standard for the 1-6x scopes you can find nowadays.

The scope is waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. Burris does not specify the level of waterproofness. Therefore, it would be a good idea to keep the exposure to water to reasonable amounts.

It is made from high-quality aluminum, which keeps the weight down while keeping the strength.

Turrets and Adjustments

Burris added capped tactical turrets to the RT-6. They work well with good feedback. The turrets provide ½ MOA adjustments per click for windage and elevation.

The overall adjustment range for elevation and windage is 80 MOA. Compared to some other 1-6x scopes, this is on the lower end of the spectrum.

There is no parallax adjustment, and the scope comes with a fixed parallax at 100 yards.

Comparing the Burris RT-6 vs Vortex Strike Eagle – Two Popular AR-15 Scopes

The Burris RT-6 and Vortex Strike Eagle Riflescope are two very popular riflescopes on the market. The Burris is a little more expensive than the Vortex. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both are made to offer high quality at an affordable price.

The Burris RT-6 has up to 25% more light transmission than other scopes in its class and offers a BDC reticle that is simple yet effective.

The Vortex Strike Eagle Riflescope comes with a lifetime warranty as well as an uncompromising warranty on the optics of the scope in case anything happens to them without any fault of the owner.

The Burris RT-6 uses a 30mm main tube, which is the same tube diameter that Vortex uses on the Strike Eagle. The scope also has the same or lower magnification of 1-6x compared to the Vortex’s 1-6x or 1-8x. Depending on the use case, the 1-8x of the Vortex Strike Eagle can make it a great optic for anything from short-range to long-range shooting where you do not have to switch between scopes.

The Vortex Strike Eagle is a compact riflescope that is built for the hunter who wants to be able to shoot at short, medium, and long ranges. It has a low-profile design, making it easier to use in those shooting situations where the target is closer than 200 yards. This scope has a reticle designed for hunters who need to range their distances from between 100 yards and 700 yards. It offers 1/4 MOA adjustments with either 1-6x or 1-8x magnification, depending on the model. It’s perfect for those hunting situations where you’re not sure how far away your target is but know that it’s somewhere within the range of 100-700 yards.

The Burris RT-6 is a lighter weight riflescope than the Vortex Strike Eagle, perfect for those shooters looking for something more affordable with fewer features.

The Strike Eagle 1-6x provides a whopping 140 MOA elevation and windage adjustment range. The RT-6 comes with ‘only’ 80 MOA range for both windage and elevation. For most cases, the 80 MOA will be sufficient for ranges up to 600 yards. In some extreme wind conditions, you might end up wishing for the 140 MOA of the Strike Eagle when you face strong winds at long ranges.

Final Thoughts on Review of Burris RT-6 Rifle Scope

The RT-6 1-6×24 is an overall great scope for short and medium ranges. It’s not supporting ultra-long distances, but that’s not what it’s built for.

Burris designed it mostly for three-gun competition and tactical use. The reticle supports rapid target acquisition and makes adjustments easy and clear.

The windage and elevation adjustment ranges are sufficient for many scenarios. You might possibly run into issues at long-range shots with unstable and strong wind conditions.

We overall think the Burris RT-6 is a great scope that you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for a 1-6x scope with a ballistic reticle.

Burris RT-6 Rifle Scope Review
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