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Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera – The one that calls you!

Bushnell announced and introduced a new Impulse trail camera. The interesting part about it? It has a dramatically improved cellular connectivity and better imaging!

Impulse Trail Camera by Bushnell


The Impulse trail camera comes in two versions that allow you to either use the AT&T or the Verizon Wireless network to have the camera call you. You can have the camera send you photos with either of these networks. Make sure though that you will get the camera with the carrier that has the best reception in the area you want to put the camera up.

Impressive Video and Photos

The camera can record video in Full HD 1080p quality (with audio) or capture images at 20 MP resolution! Video and photos can be stored on an SD memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB.

The video captured by the camera can be 60 seconds long. The image and video quality you can get with the Bushnell Impulse trail camera was unimaginable just a few years ago!

Bushnell Impulse 20MP Cellular No Glow Trail Camera
Bushnell Impulse 20MP Cellular No Glow Trail Camera

A lot of the wildlife moves during the night hours. Thus, the camera has a 100 feet No Glow Blackout flash. It allows to capture images and video during night without scaring the animals away.

The trigger speed is a very impressive 0.2 seconds. That means that 0.2 seconds after the sensor detected a motion the camera snaps a picture. The recovery time of 1 seconds allows the camera to shoot a picture every second if needed. Even fast animals are not fast enough to escape being photographed or videotaped!

GPS Included

In addition to the cellular technology, the trail camera also has an active GPS included. This continuously tracks its location by GPS and transmits the data if requested.

That way a hunter can pinpoint the location of the camera in the woods without having to remember exactly which tree it was mounted on. In addition, this feature also acts as an Anti-Theft deterrent as the location of the camera is always know, even in case a thief would carry it off.

There’s also the option to have a live feed from the camera to your cell phone. This way you can watch the surroundings of the camera from remote in real-time. All photos are tagged with wind, moon and weather data as well as GPS information.

Bushnell 30MP CORE Trail Camera
Bushnell 30MP CORE Trail Camera

Battery Lifetime is Key

All the image and video taking, and GPS transmitting does require a bit of battery power. The Bushnell Impulse Cellular Trail Camera requires 12 AA batteries. These will typically last for about 6 months. If that’s not enough, there’s also an external power source input which allows you to connect some solar panels to the camera to provide power during the day.

Besides the cellular connectivity, the trail camera also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The rage for these connection technologies is around 150 feet. That way you can get a live view of the camera while being within a 150 feet range without needing the cellular networks.

Overall, Bushnell produced an excellent trail camera. The features are quite impressive and the recovery time of 1 second between photos with this quality is amazing. This allows you to get many more sharp photos of the animals in front of the lens instead of only seeing trees as the camera needed time to snap a photo and store it while the animal moved on!

Impulse Trail Camera by Bushnell
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