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Carl Zeiss Conquest HD5 Riflescope Series

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 2-10x42 Rifle Scope

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduced the Conquest HD5 Rifle Scope Series back in the beginning of 2013. The scopes are designed for demanding hunters in today’s world. You’ll find world-class features like new ballistic lockable turrets, a redesigned RAPID-Z ballistic reticle as well as a superior 5x variable magnification range. All these features are built into the most compact SuperZoom 1 inch rifle scope you can find anywhere.

On top of that you’ll find optical enhancements that work perfectly with the proprietary lens coating that Carl Zeiss riflescopes are known for. This guarantees one of the best levels of light transmission you can find. In addition the lenses are also coated with a water-repellant layer which reduces your levels of frustration in the rain by not letting the water stick to the lens.

The Carl Zeiss Conquest rifle scopes are designed and assembled in Germany. This ensures unsurpassed precision and reliability. The tube of these scopes are 1 inch and the adjustments are made in 1/4 MOA steps. There are currently three different Conquest HD5 rifle scopes for sale:

CONQUEST HD5 2-10×42

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 2-10x42 Rifle Scope

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 2-10×42 Rifle Scope
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This is the most compact scope of the three. It’s designed to have an extremely wide field-of-view in 2 power. This makes it outstandingly versatile for most close encounters. It’s suitable for dense cover to mid-range hunting conditions that you’ll find in more open terrain. The Conquest HD5 2-10×42 is parallax free to 100 yards and is available with either a Z-Plex (#20) reticle or RAPID-Z® 600 or standard hunting turrets.

CONQUEST HD5 3-15×42

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 3-15x42 Rifle Scope

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 3-15×42 Rifle Scope
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This mid-range scope is the most versatile of all the Conquest HD5 scopes. It offers a longer range capability and is designed for mid to long range hunting. It is built compact and with a low profile. This makes it a great choice for a hunter going after elk, deer or even hunting in the mountains. Due to its compact length it is also working great for close range where fast acquisition of the target is required. This scope features side parallax adjustment, Z-Plex reticle in either hunting turret or lockable target turret. Also available in RAPID-Z® 600 or RAPID-Z® 800 reticle with hunting turret.

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Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 5-25×50 Rifle Scope

Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 5-25×50 Rifle Scope
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The Conquest HD5 5-25×5 is the most compact riflescope with high magnification you can find today. It’s also the most powerful scope in the HD5 lineup. It is suited perfectly for mid to extra-long range hunting. The impressive magnification range makes this scope very flexible in use for any hunting scenario. This scope also features a side parallax adjustment and is available with a Z-Plex reticle with lockable target turret, RAPID-Z® 800 with hunting turret, Rapid-Z® 1000 with lockable target turret or with a RAPID-Z® Varmint reticle and hunting turret.

The Carl Zeiss Conquest HD5 rifle scopes undoubtedly are fantastic scopes for the price. They set new standards for features and performance in the classes, specifically at the price points that they are offered.

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