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CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Red Dot Reflex Sight

Red dot optics are popular for shooters who need good support for close-quarter shooting. The CVLIFE 1x28x40 fits right into this category, as it provides excellent clarity and accuracy at a price that most shooters can afford. Additionally, the sight’s sleek design makes it perfect for use on ARs and other rifles.

CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Red Dot Reflex Sight

CVLIFE was kind enough to provide the 1x28x40mm red dot reflex sight to us for testing and review. That they supplied that optic does not mean that we looked more favorably at the sight. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at this optic!

CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Reflex Red Dot Sight
CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Reflex Red Dot Sight

Overview and Features

The good things upfront. This is a sight that is both affordable while offering a lot of great features you might not find in higher-priced reflex sights – also have a look at the CVLIFE 1x22x33!

Glass and Build

The glass on the sight is clear and provides excellent visibility. The relatively large 28x40mm lens provides a wider field of view than more compact red dot sights.

The size of the optic makes it too large to use on handguns but a great optic for rifles. The glass is fully multi-coated, which helps with light transmission and to provide a vivid sight image.

The substantial hood surrounding the lens protects it well. You also get less interference with sunlight as the hood provides a good amount of shade. The tubeless design of the optic makes it lightweight. It’s ruggedly built with an Aluminum case and mount. Glare and reflections are minimized due to the multi-coated lenses for better targeting.

We have not experienced any clarity problems with the lens during our tests. Target acquisition, as with all red dot sights, was quick. The target image was clear and vivid, and the reticle provided a great aiming help.

It feels to make it easier to shoot with both eyes open as you have a less restricted FoV due to the larger lens. At 100 yards, you end up with a field of view of 19 feet.


It’s a nice feature that the optic comes with four different tactical reticle options. Depending on your needs, these different patterns allow you to use the best-performing reticle. You can select a simple red dot, Circle with Dot, Crosshair with Dot. Lastly, you can choose a combination of crosshair, circle, and dot. Switching between the different reticles is easily done with the dial at the bottom back of the reflex sight.

On top of being able to pick out of four different reticle types, you can also adjust the brightness within eight levels. That makes it easy to dial in the right level of brightness based on the surrounding light conditions. During bright and sunny daylight, you want to set the brightness lower. You can then intensify the dot brightness when it gets darker. Adjusting the brightness is easy with the button on the left. When you press the button for around three seconds, the sight will shut off to preserve battery life.

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CVLIFE Reflex Sight

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The CVLife 1x28x40 comes in a sturdy plastic box. It came with 6 LR44 batteries. While the sight uses three batteries, CVLIFE added a second set of batteries. The battery case is on the front of the sight and is easily accessed no matter whether the sight is mounted or not.

You’ll find the LR44 batteries in many stores. In the worst case, pull them out of your Christmas ornaments… Make sure not to tell your spouse, though! 😉

Mounting the Reflex Sight

The optic comes with a standard Picatinny mount. It’s solid and can be mounted and tightened by using the provided Allen wrench. Preferably, it would come with a quick-detach (QD) mount, but that’s not part of the deal, even though the single instruction sheet that comes with the optic does show a QD base!

Nonetheless, the CVLIFE red dot reflex sight mounts tight on the Picatinny rail. It has no issues maintaining zero even on rifles with substantial recoil.

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Elevation and Windage

Elevation and windage adjust with a provided Allen wrench. The elevation adjusts with the Allen screw on the top of the sight. Windage is adjusted with the Allen screw on the left side of the optic. Each click adjusts either windage or elevation by 1 MOA at 100 yards.

There is a second smaller Allen screw on the right side of the base that allows locking both the windage and elevation adjustment screws. This ensures that your dialed-in settings won’t accidentally be changed.

The sight comes with all required accessories. CVLIFE provides a cleaning cloth, batteries, and Allen wrenches packed into the plastic case. The plastic case itself is sturdy, and the foam inserts effectively protect the sight.

CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Reflex Red Dot Sight
CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Reflex Red Dot Sight

Final Thoughts

The optic is sturdy and performs well. It’s an affordable sight that will provide you with great aiming accuracy. You can quickly and easily adjust it, and it does hold zero well.

Overall, you’re getting a great reflex sight for the money. It certainly won’t compare to optics that’ll cost you hundreds of dollars, but you get a reliable optic that you can rely on!

Review of the CVLIFE 1x28x40mm Red Dot Reflex Sight
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