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FLIR Introduces ThermoSight Pro Thermal Weapon Sights

FLIR announced three new thermal imaging sights for rifle-mounts. These new sights are part of the newly introduced FLIR ThermoSight Pro Series.

FLIR Introduces ThermoSight Pro Thermal Weapon Sights

All new sights are powered by FLIR’s high-performance 12-micron pixel pitch Boson thermal camera core. Don’t try to say that three times in a row fast… 😉

This new technology sets a new standard with regards to thermal imaging for both tactical and outdoor uses. It delivers better image performance and range while featuring reduced weight and a smaller overall design.

FLIR’s new sights feature a high-definition 1280×960 display. All video processing is performed on a newly designed chip that feeds the uncompressed video signal directly to the display. All these improvements help to improve object detection and classification during use.

They offer a clean thermal image in any light condition. Detection and classification have been greatly improved in conditions ranging from low contrast daylight to total darkness. Even smoke, haze, and light fog are no problem.

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The new sights come in three different models. They all feature Bluetooth 4.0 and USB-C connectivity. All are packing high performance and lots of features into a lightweight and compact design. The thermal resolution of each FLIR ThermoSight Pro is 320×256 pixels. Users can change and control the imaging palettes as well as filters to enhance the image.

The sights offer onboard recording for up to two hours of video or 1,000 jpeg images. In addition, the scopes offer a digital compass and an inclinometer.

Initially, FLIR introduces the ThermoSight Pro PTS233. It features a reticle pattern that uses FLIR’s patent-pending High-Visibility Technology (HVT). This delivers crisp iconology and graphic overlays over any kind of background.

The ThermoSight Pro series will have three models. All sights offer a 4x digital zoom.

The PTS233 offers a 19 mm lens. It has a 12-degree field of view. The sight offers a generous 3-inch eye relief and has dioptric adjustments from -5 to +5.

The PTS533 will have a 50mm lens and a 4.5-degree field of view. The PTS733, in contrast, has a 75 mm lens and a 3-degree field of view. Both these scopes are set to be available later in 2017. Both of these scopes will have higher performance levels while also growing in size and weight.

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