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Burris MSR Tactical Rifle Scopes

Burris introduced an affordable tactical rifle scope line. It’s the MSR line of scopes that are designed for the modern sporting shooter. Burris designed these scopes specifically for tactical shooting needs.

Burris MSR Tactical Rifle Scopes

The scopes in the MSR family are designed as tough and dependable riflescopes. They offer quality optics that provide a clear image for the shooter. The reticles are specifically calibrated for .223 Rem and .22 LR ammunition. They offer trajectory compensation by utilizing the popular Ballistic Plex reticle. This Burris reticle provides a simple and effective design that is easy and quick to use. The reticle is designed for pinpoint long-range accuracy and it delivers on this promise.

The Burris Ballistic Plex reticle provides reference marks for holdover out to 500 yards. The MSR riflescope line offers models that are calibrated for .22 LR or .223 Rem ammunition. This allows a shooter to match their ammunition to the reticle for a perfect targeting experience. The knobs are low-profile and allow to precision adjustments.

Burris MSR 3-9x 40mm Riflescope
Burris MSR 3-9x 40mm Riflescope

Burris designed the MSR rifle scopes to be budget-friendly while not compromising on quality. The optics consist of multi-coated lenses which are made out of high-performance glass. This ensures excellent clarity and brightness. The scopes can be used in wet conditions as they are waterproof and don’t fog over. As expected, the scopes are backed by Burris’ forever warranty.

There are three models available in the MSR riflescope lineup:

You can visit BurrisOptics.com for more information on Burris rifle scopes. Check out our other riflescope reviews.

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