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Leupold Freedom RDS Review – A Red Dot Sight to Hold its Own!

Is this new Red Dot Sight any good?

Leupold introduced a new red dot sight, the Freedom RDS (Red Dot Sight). It’s a compact red dot sight that’s bound to become one of the more popular choices available today.

Review of the Freedom RDS from Leupold

It’s a lightweight and compact red dot in a tubular design. It’s easy to install and ruggedly built. Another important factor is that Leupold produces the sight in the US. It’s built at their Beaverton, Oregon factory.

The Leupold Freedom RDS packs everything you need and require of a red dot. It’s built tough and is designed to perform in even the most extreme conditions. All that at a price point that won’t break the bank.

What versions are available?

The Leupold Freedom RDS sight is available in two different versions. First, you can have it with ¼ MOA click adjustments with a capped turret. The adjustment range for both elevation and windage is 80 MOA for this model.

The second version of the Leupold Freedom red dot sight comes equipped with a BDC elevation adjustment turret that is calibrated for a 55 grain .223 ammo out to 500 yards.

The windage and elevation adjustment range for the BDC model is the same as for the MOA click variant (80 MOA each) allowing you to dial up for long shots with ease. Adjusting ranges with the BDC dial is easy and straightforward.

Leupold Freedom RDS with 1 MOA Red Dot
Leupold Freedom RDS with 1 MOA Red Dot

Comparing Holographic Rifle Sights and Red Dots

How is the Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) built?

The main tube of the Freedom RDS measures 34 mm in diameter. It is about 5.5 inches in length and weighs just a little under seven ounces.

Leupold added a mount to the RDS which brings the sight to an optimal height if you use it on a rifle that’s based on the AR platform. The mount can be removed, and you can use standard 34mm rings to mount it on other rifles.

The mount is rugged and works on a Picatinny rail. If you mount it onto the rail on your AR-15, it’s the perfect height for an absolute co-witness setup.

Both versions of the RDS feature a 1 MOA red dot reticle. To save battery, Leupold added their own Motion Sensor Technology (MST). This places the sight on standby after five minutes of inactivity. This prolongs battery life while instantly activating the sight when the MST detects motion. You can shut off the sight completely through a manual shutoff feature.

The lenses are scratch-resistant. They feature Leupold’s own Twilight Red Dot System. This system offers premium lens clarity and delivers standard color consistency. Additionally, the red dot sight RDS is both waterproof and fog proof.

Freedom RDS Red Dot Optic from Leupold Optics

Our Take

The sight is designed for both hunters and recreational shooters. It’s built for rugged use in the field. It’s set up to withstand heavy recoil and is backed by Leupold’s full lifetime guarantee.

The Leupold Freedom RDS is one of the best red dots for AR-15‘s. That is if your decision whether to go with a red dot or holographic sight for your AR-15 points towards using a red dot optic.

Leupold Freedom RDS with BDC
Leupold Freedom RDS with BDC

Will the sight make our list of best red dots? Time will tell. It’s an overall great sight at a very good price but it’s a busy market with a lot of good options available.

Tom Devine