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Meopta Optika6 Rifle Scope Review – How good are these Scopes?

Meopta, the Czech hunting optics manufacturer, introduced its mid-tier Optika6 rifle scopes series in 2019. The scopes are brimming with features that many hunters and shooters love and require or desire. All of the scopes have a 6x zoom capability making them versatile optics to use for hunting or target shooting.

Evaluating the Optika 6 Hunting and Shooting optics from Meopta

First off, the scopes are not the cheap optics that you snap on your rifle for a few shots on the range. These are high-end, top-quality scopes for hunters and shooters.

All scopes in the Meopta Optika 6 lineup come with a 30mm tube and a 6x power range. They are built with aircraft-grade aluminum that’s strong enough to last you without fail for years to come in the field.

The Optika6 Lineup

There whole Meopta Optika6 lineup is split into two different series. Each of those series offers specific features for different shooting applications.

Optika6 Second Focal Plane Optics for Hunting

Optika 6 Gunoptics for hunting

First, there’s the Optika6 hunting series. The optics in that category come with a second focal plane (SFP) reticle.

The second focal plane setup provides the hunter with a consistent reticle size across the whole zoom range. These scopes are built tough to cater to the hunter.

MEOPTA Optika6 3-18x50 30 mm SFP Second Focal Plane Hunting Riflescope
MEOPTA Optika6 3-18×50 30 mm SFP Second Focal Plane Hunting Riflescope

There are a number of rifle optics you can get in the hunting configuration:

All scopes come with a variety of different reticle types including the DichroTech reticles which are illuminated yet battery-free and adjust to the surrounding light conditions. A very compelling choice for many hunters is the BDC reticle that is calibrated for the 6.5 Creedmoor.

The objective lens size varies from the small 24 mm diameter on the lower powered scope to a massive 50 mm diameter on the higher magnification models. This provides sufficient light transmission for the intended ranges that the scopes are made for.

Optika6 First Focal Plane Optics for Shooting

Optika 6 for Target Shooting

The second series in the lineup is the one for shooters. These scopes have the reticle on the front focal plane (FFP) and are targeted at competitive shooters. The reticle size shrinks with magnification and stays proportional to the target. First focal plane scopes make ranging at distance more accurate and a great choice for target shooting.

Meopta Optika6 3-18x56mm Rifle Scope
Meopta Optika6 3-18x56mm Rifle Scope

The shooting series comes in a number of configurations:

  • 1-6x24mm
  • 3-18x50mm
  • 3-18x56mm
  • 4.5-27x50mm
  • 5-30x56mm (this long-range model comes with a 34mm tube and ED glass to reduce or even eliminate chromatic aberration)

There are a number of different reticles available for each model. This includes the new DichroTech reticles from Meopta that provide battery-free illumination. The illumination works well in truly low-light conditions but is a little too weak to make a difference in bright light.

Commonalities of the Scopes

Optika 6 Gunscope from the side

It’s not just the overall specifications that will grab your attention when you have a closer look at these hunting and shooting optics. The craftsmanship and the extraordinary level of quality when you touch any part of an Optika6 immediately let you understand that you have a quality device that you’re dealing with that is worth every penny.

The power ring feels great and is easy to adjust. The same goes for the turrets which provide great feedback when you dial them in and feel sturdy and solid. You can choose from MIL or MOA turrets with zero resets which makes it easy to use – Difference between MOA and MRAD Explained

The glass is simply superb. The clarity and light transmission are what you would expect from a European top-quality optic. In low-light conditions, you’ll have a hard time finding better scopes in that price range.

Reticles for any use and range

Meopta offers a wide range of different reticles for the Optika6 series. They range from non-illuminated to illuminated variants. In addition, you can choose Z-plex and MilDot, and MRAD reticle variants.

Lastly, on most of the models, you can find BDC reticles that are calibrated for the 6.5 Creedmoor, the .223, or the .308 rifles. You can get an overview of the different rifle scopes and reticles on the manufacturer’s website.

MEOPTA Optika6 5-30x56 FFP Riflescope
MEOPTA Optika6 5-30×56 FFP Riflescope


All optics in the Meopta Optika6 rifle scopes series offer windage, elevation, and parallax adjustment that make it possible to pick the best optic for shooting or hunting. The turrets are zero-reset and rubber-coated to make them easier to adjust and use. You can have them either in MIL or MOA variants.

The MOA turrets allow you to adjust in 0.25 MOA increments per click. The MIL versions adjust in 0.1 Milliradian per click.

Optika 6 Turrets

The turrets in the shooting series are non-capped (exposed) and are rubber-coated for a non-slip grip. The turrets in the hunting models are capped and are also rubber-coated for protection and ease of use.

Both the windage and elevation adjustment turret come capped and with zero stop setting. You can set the zero stop on elevation and windage turrets by loosening, adjusting, and then tightening a set of screws. The zero stop system of the Meopta Optika6 is pretty straightforward and not harder or easier than on other scopes.

Interesting enough, only the elevation turret is locking on the Optika6 6x magnification range scopes. The windage turret does not lock.

The Windage and Elevation adjustment ranges depend on the different models. The same is true for the field of view and parallax adjustment and correction.

Overall the scopes offer a wide field of view. Specifically, the lower magnifications have a field of view that allows a hunter to track game easily.

Windage and elevation are sufficiently large based on the magnification ranges for each model. The 110 MOA for the 5-30 scope makes it a viable option for long-range shooting.

Field of View
@ 100 yards
1-6x24mm120109.5-18.9 ftno parallax adjustment
2.5-15x44mm7039.9-6.9ftinfinity parallax correction
3-18x50mm9033.6-5.7ft25 yd – infinity
3-18x56mm9033.3-5.7ft10 yd – infinity
4.5-27x50mm8421.9-3.6ft25 yd – infinity
5-30x56mm11024.6-3.6ft25 yd – infinity

All Optika6 rifle scopes come with Meopta’s own MeoBright lens coatings. These provide a light transmission of up to 91% during daylight and 88% in twilight conditions. This makes the gun optics great choices for pretty much any light conditions you want to hunt or shoot in.

The power ring includes a throw lever that makes it easy to adjust the magnification.

Intended Uses

Randy Garrison, Director of Meopta USA Sports Optics brings it to point when he states that they have differentiated the line-up into the shooting and hunting models where they fully expect that some hunters will use optics from the Shooting series and vice versa.

Let’s have a closer look at what the different models could be best used for:

  • 1-6x24mm: hunting short to medium-range or competitive shooting over shorter distances
  • 2.5-15x44mm: medium-range hunting, your everyday scope for hunters
  • 3-18x50mm: medium to long-range hunting and competitive shooting
  • 3-18x56mm: medium to long-range hunting and competitive shooting with higher adjustment ranges and better low-light capabilities than the 50mm scope objective lens size
  • 4.5-27x50mm: competitive shooting and hunting on longer ranges
  • 5-30x56mm: competitive long-range precision shooting

Looking at the line-up there’s practically no shooting situation that you wouldn’t be able to find an Optika6 rifle scope for.

MEOPTA Optika6 4.5-27x50 FFP Scope
MEOPTA Optika6 4.5-27×50 FFP Scope


Meopta really hit the nail with the Optika6 series. The precision rifle scopes are reasonably priced and packed with top-of-the-line features that help with both hunting and sport shooting.

No matter what your typical situation is for shooting or hunting, there’s a great match in the lineup for you. The calibrated BDC reticles for the different rifle types are great and make it easy to use the scopes on those rifles.

The quality of the build and glass is superb. You’ll have a hard time finding other scopes from other brands that can offer as much as the Meopta Optika6 optics provide for the money.

Evaluation of the Optika 6 Hunting and Shooting Optics
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