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Nikon Black Rifle Scope Review – Which is Best in the Series?

Nikon introduced the Black riflescope series in the spring of 2017. The goal was to break into the marked of long-range and AR rifle markets. The scopes were and are very affordable for the features they offer.

The series consists of the Nikon Black FX1000 (first focal plane – FFP) and X1000 (second focal plane – SFP) which are available as 4-16×50 and 6-24×50 optics. For tactical use designed for the AR platform are the Nikon Black Force100 (1-6×24) and Force 1000 (1-4×24) models.

Best Nikon Black Precision optics - Detailed and in-depth Review

Aiming at long-range and action shooting with BLACK Riflescope Line

These initial Nikon Black X1000 scopes were designed as second focal plane scopes. In 2018 they extended the series and introduced the FX1000 scopes in the Black lineup.

The Nikon Black FX1000 represents state-of-the-art long-range scopes with a front focal plane reticle at a very affordable price.

All of the scopes come with a single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube. The scope tube features a 30 mm diameter which provides a lot of adjustment range for long-distance shooting and allows them to get a large amount of light into the optic.

Both the Nikon Black X1000 and FX1000 precision scopes have a 50 mm objective diameter lens making them perfectly suited for long-range shots. The internal adjustment range for elevation and windage is up to 90 MOA on the 4-16 models and 60 MOA on the 6-24 variants.

Nikon put all their engineering knowledge into these scopes. The goal was to create affordable long-distance scopes that can hold their own in competition shooting.

And boy, did they deliver on that. You’ll have a hard time to find more capable scopes in that price range. Let’s have a closer look at these gun optics in the following precision rifle optic review sections.

Nikon Black X1000 Series of Rifle Optics – Rear Focal Plane Scopes

The precision rifle scope line targets the precision rifle shooters and action shooters. The Nikon BLACK X1000 4-16×50 and 6-24×50 models are designed for the long-distance precision shooter.

The Nikon Black X1000 scopes are available with either an illuminated X-MRAD or X-MOA reticle. Both are tactical-style reticles that are positioned on the second focal plane.

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The turrets for windage and elevation of the Black X1000 scopes are elevated and easy to use. Adjustments made through the turrets are accurate and repeatable. This allows the shooter to precisely dial in measurements.

The windage and elevation range is 90 MOA/25 MRAD for the Nikon Black X1000 4-16x model and 60 MOA/17 MRAD for the 6-24x Black X1000 model. Adjustment graduation is 1/4 MOA or 0.1 MRAD for each click depending on which reticle you choose.

The 6-24x Nikon Black X1000 models have a field of view between 18 and 4.5 feet at 100 yds and an eye relief between 4.0 and 3.5 inches.

The lower-powered 4-16x Nikon Black X1000 variants come with eye relief between 4.0 and 3.6 inches and field of view at 100 yards of 27.2 – 6.8 feet. The parallax adjustment goes from 50 yards to infinity.

Both reticles, X-MOA reticle and X-MRAD reticle, on the Nikon Black X1000 series provide visually clean and highly functional guidance to estimate range or maintain holdover.

Nikon Black FX1000 Optics Series – Front Focal Plane Scopes

These are similar to the Nikon Black X1000 gun optics with the difference being that they have the reticle on the first instead of the second focal plane. This makes them an even better choice for long-range shooting. The reticles are etched into the glass.

The advantage of an FFP reticle for long-distance shots is that the hold-over stays consistent. Your reticle grows and shrinks based on the magnification you dialed in.

That allows the holdover points to resize accordingly and makes it easier to get accurate shots at long distances like 1,000 yards or more. You can also pick between the illuminated X-MOA and X-MRAD reticles. The illuminated reticle is a useful addition during the dusk or dawn periods where lighting is not optimal.

The 4-16x Nikon Black FX1000 variants come with eye relief between 4.0 and 3.6 inches and field of view (FoV) between 27.2 and 6.8 feet at 100 yards. The FoV for the higher-powered 6-24x models ranges from 18 feet to 4.7 feet at 100 yards. Eye relief on those models is 4.0 to 3.5 inches.

Depending on whether you choose an MOA or MRAD reticle, the windage and elevation can be adjusted by 1/4 MOA or 0.1 MRAD for each click.

The adjustment range is across 60 MOA/17 MRAD for the higher-powered and 90 MOA/25 MRAD for the lower-powered models.

Nikon uses ultra-clear glass and top-of-the-line coatings to maximize light transmission on the Black FX1000. To make the optics truly usable for long-distance competition shootings you also get high-speed turrets with exact clicks and an easy to use zero reset.

Nikon Black Force1000 Scope – 1-4x Optics for the AR Platform

The Black Force1000 comes as a 1-4×24 riflescope. It targets the action shooter that needs rapid targeting capabilities on the AR/MSR platforms. The Force1000 scope features a SPEEDFORCE reticle and capped turrets.

Dialing the magnification down to 1x causes the reticle’s illuminated double horseshoe center to act as a quick reference for reactions-speed target acquisition.

Eye relief on the scope ranges from 4.1 to 3.8 inches for 1x to 4x magnification levels. The elevation and windage adjustments range across 350 MOA with adjustment graduation of 1/2 MOA per click. The field of view at 100 yards is between 110.1 and 27.2 feet.

It also allows for establishing moving target leads. The SPEEDFORCE MOA reticle integrates BDC circles and hash marks for intermediate-distance target holdovers.

Nikon Black Force 100 1-6×24 AR Scope

This precision gun optic is designed to be used on the AR/MSR platform. When you compare the Black Force 100 to the initial Black Force 1000 it provides a 6x zoom range to give a 1-6x magnification making it a more versatile optic.

The reticle is etched into the glass. The adjustment range for windage and elevation is a large 100 MOA. You can use this optic in really any environment. It is an outstanding choice to use for shorter and medium-ranges like 100 yards or so.

Eye relief on the scope ranges from 3.8 to 3.7 inches for the corresponding 1x to 6x magnification levels. The elevation and windage adjustment graduation is 1/4 MOA per click. The field of view ranges is between 111.2 and 18.3 feet at 100 yards.

Nikon built the shooting optics rugged and shockproof. The tube is Argon purged and sealed. It’s waterproof and fog proof. ​

Common Features

The tube on all Black series precision scopes is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The diameter on all of the optics is 30 mm for optimized visibility and light transmission. This provides shooters with a rugged and durable scope.

Like all Nikon riflescopes, the Black series scopes are covered under Nikon’s No-Fault Policy for repair and replacement.

The illuminated reticles offer 10 different brightness settings making it easy to adjust the intensity of the marker to work with your surrounding light conditions.

It is powered by a commonly available CR2032 battery. The battery sits inside the illumination adjustment knob. There’s a tool provided to open the compartment without scratching the tube or lenses.

The parallax settings are adjustable from 50 yards to infinity. The parallax knob sits directly underneath the illumination adjustment knob making it easy to access and adjust.  

The field of view on the 4-16×50 FX1000 and Black X1000 models is 27.2-6.8 feet at 100 yds. The 6-24×50 Nikon Black FX1000 model offers an FoV at 100 yards of 18.0 – 4.7 feet. The Nikon Black X1000 6-24×50 has a slightly different field of view of 18.0 – 4.5 feet.

The Detailed Lineup​

Nikon offers a number of different models in the Nikon Black series. The Black Force 1000 and Force100 models are tactical scopes with a 24mm objective lens and 1-4 (1000) or 1-6 (100) magnification. Both of these models have illuminated reticles.

The Nikon Black X1000 and FX1000 versions come with a 50 mm objective lens and either 4-16 or 6-24 magnification. Both magnification ranges are useful for long-range shooting.

As mentioned above, the FX is the better choice for competitive long-distance targeting but that should not take away from the fact that the X-series is a great lineup that is slightly cheaper.

Both the Black FX1000 and X1000 come with X-MOA or X-MRAD reticles. Both precision rifle optics series have illuminated glass-etched reticles.

You can’t go wrong with any of these optics. They are of the highest quality materials and build, offer a large number of features for long-range, and are priced very reasonably.

Best Nikon Black Precision Optics - Detailed and in-depth Review
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