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Re-Designed Barska Sniper Rifle Scopes

Barska has redesigned its popular Sniper Scopes series of rifle scopes. In addition, they also added models to expand their current selection to include four models.

Re-Designed Barska Sniper Rifle Scopes

The improvements in this updated generation include improved optics, as well as improved exterior design and structural integrity. It’s important for Barska to keep this series of rifle scopes up-to-date as it is their best selling range of rifle scopes.

When Barska went to redesign their Sniper Scope series they listened to customer reviews and suggestions. This lead to added features and improvements on this next generation of Barska Sniper Scopes. Historically, these rifle scopes have been commonly used on AR tactical rifles and on long-range bolt action rifles.

Barska incorporated military standard specifications and combined them with state-of-the-art sighting features. The result is a new range of scopes that are a truly great choice for your rifle. In addition to all the features mentioned, Barska also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its range of Barska Sniper Scopes.

New Mil-Dot Reticle

Barska added a new mil-dot reticle to the tactical sniper scopes. They are green and red illuminating mil-dot reticles. When the illumination is switched off then the reticle is a standard black reticle. When illumination is switched on then you will have the choice of green or red illumination including five different brightness settings.

Barska Sniper Rifle Scope Reticle
Barska Sniper Rifle Scope Reticle

Barska Sniper Rifle Scope Reticle (Source: Barska)

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The different colors are available to allow for better precision targeting. When the reticle is switched to green lighting, then it allows for easy targeting of dark targets during the day.

Green lighting has the advantage that it is extremely visible to the human eye and is highly contrasting. The red light is important to have when you shoot in dark conditions. When your eyes adapt to the low light conditions then the red light will not interfere with your natural night vision.

The Mil-Dot style reticle allows for range estimation using the built-in mil-dot graph. The rheostat, the knob to adjust the brightness, is set at a 45-degree angle. This allows quick and unobstructed viewing of the knob to adjust the elevation.

Barska Sniper Scope Models

Barska now offers four different models of sniper scopes. These four different models will cover the complete range of different shooting needs and rifle types that you might come across. Below are the four different models that are available today:

Barska 3-9x42mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope AC11668

This full-featured, compact 3-9x42mm Model is designed for short-barreled AR-type rifles like an AR-15 or M4 rifle. It’s also quite popular in AR-style 22’s. It featured exterior windage and elevation adjustments which are lockable.

Barska 4-16x50mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope AC11670

This mid-range rifle scope is perfect for your bolt action or AR rifle. For increased and improved light-capturing it features a 30mm tube and a 50mm objective lens diameter. This makes it an ideal scope for low light conditions. This rifle scope is popular with hunters and target shooters as an all-purpose riflescope.

Barska 6-24x50mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope AC11672

This rifle scope is designed to be a mid to long-range rifle scope. It has side parallax adjustments to support long-range shots. The focus distance can quickly be fine-tuned when you increase the magnification. This riflescope allows for bright images at high magnifications due to its 30 mm tube and 50 mm objective lens which allow capturing increased levels of light.

Barska 10-40x50mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Sniper Rifle Scope AC11674

This sniper scope model is a completely new model for long-range shooting. It allows shooters to push their shooting skills to the next level. 

BARSKA 2nd Generation 10-40x50 Rifle Scope
BARSKA 2nd Generation 10-40×50 Rifle Scope

The shooter can fine-tune the focus distance with the side parallax adjustments when the magnification gets increased. This model also has a 30 mm tube and a 50 mm objective lens to allow for bright images when selecting high magnifications.

Final Thoughts

Barska offers an impressive new line-up of the well-known Sniper Scope Models. They are a true improvement over the older models and definitely worth a look. Check out our Barska Riflescope Reviews to learn more about these and other remarkable rifle scopes from Barska.

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