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Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope Review

The Simmons 8-Роіnt 3-9Х50 is a solid and useful rifle scope that will be handy for both tactical shooters and hunters. Hundreds of hunters, target shooters, farmers, and security professionals have bought and used the scope and give it favorable ratings. It is one of the more affordable scopes in the market and very sturdy in terms of performance.

Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope Review

We picked the Simmons 8-Роіnt rifle scope for review because it offers premium features and functionality at a remarkable price. This Simmons riflescope is built with a compact design and weighs just over 13 ounces, making it very easy to attach. The scope’s elevation and windage knobs are designed at the right angles making it easy for shooters to adapt to different situations quickly while on the move.

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The Simmons Brand

Simmons is a well-known manufacturer of low-priced rifle components. The brand was first established during the 1980s and has focused on building high-quality scopes at a fair price. The company is based in America and always aims to exceed expectations in terms of reliability, performance, durability, and price.

The company is focused on innovation. Their scopes provide many high-end features for shooters who are looking for a good rifle scope on a budget. To keep their prices down, the company does not advertise as actively as some of the other rifle scope brands in the market.

This is why Simmons scopes can sometimes get lost in a search where shooters are looking for a great value scope. That is a shame because they produce solid, feature-rich sights and accessories that fulfill most shooters’ requirements. If you are new to the Simmons brand, this scope offers a great opportunity to get caught up and switch to the brand.

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Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope
Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

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Simmons 8-Роіnt 3-9Х50 Scope Features

The scope is built with a 50mm objective lens and provides magnification between 3X and 9X. This makes it reasonably useful for short to medium-distance shooting. At 100 yards, it delivers a 31.4′-10.5′ field of view.

The 50mm objective lens has a 16.6-to-5.6mm exit pupil. The scope has 60″ of adjustment range at 100 yards distance – Knowing The Essentials In Adjusting Your Rifle Scope. The eye relief on the scope is 3.75″ so it is not recommended to use this scope with a heavy recoil firearm.

The main features include the following:

The Truplex Reticle

Generally, all 8-Роіnt rifle scopes come with the Truplex reticle, similar to the ProHunter lines from top brands. The 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope from Simmons has the same Truplex reticle that goes all the way to the top, bottom, left, and right corners of the lens. The crosshair becomes thinner at the center making it easier to see exactly where your bullets will hit.

The crosshairs can assist you in acquiring targets easily and quickly and make it easier for you to focus on your target without making many adjustments to the scope settings.

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Fully Coated Optics

The 3-9x50mm has specially coated lenses that offer higher contrast and a brighter image for shooting during the day and in low light conditions. The lenses are coated with a hydro shield that makes the images sharper, clearer, and much brighter.

This allows you to focus on the target more easily in any type of condition.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

The elevation and windage adjustment knobs are located in the middle of the scope and fitted with caps. The protective caps ensure that the settings remain firm at Zero even in harsh or rough shooting conditions.

Rugged Design

The 8-Point scope has a waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof design that allows it to function correctly during harsh shooting conditions. The scope is built with good quality material. It is quite strong and durable, able to withstand shooting in different weathers.

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What Are the Scope’s Dimensions?

The scope isn’t very high, making it easy to fit on all kinds of rifles. It weighs about 13.2 ounces and is approximately 13.8” long. The objective lens is quite big with a diameter of about 50mm, so the front of the scope is quite huge compared to most other riflescopes.

Due to its size, the Simmons 8-Point will take a fair bit of room on your mounting rail. You may find yourself in need of high-rise rings to keep the objective lens separated away from your rail or gun’s barrel.

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Simmons Truplex Reticle
Simmons Truplex Reticle

What Magnification Will You Get?

The range of magnification is remarkable for a scope in this price range. It has a variable zoom that goes from 3X to 9X. The large objective lens makes it easy to zoom in without affecting the quality of the image.

You should find it easy to set up targets to a few hundred yards away without much trouble. The scope’s resolution is sharp and focused at all magnification levels (Best Rifle Scope Magnification and Power Range), and the resolution is a bit more than we expect on a budget scope. Beyond a couple of hundred yards, however, you will have some trouble focusing.

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Is Mounting This Scope Easy?

This rifle scope does not come with rings so you will need to purchase a set of 1″ rings to mount the scope – How do you Correctly Measure Scope Ring Height for any Rifle Optics?. The front objective lens is rather large and 50 mm so you will need to buy a set of high rings that keep it clear of the front barrel.

Mounting the scope is quite easy otherwise – Guide to Choosing the Best Types of Rifle Scope Mounts. If you have the proper tools or holes drilled already, you should be able to install the mounts in a matter of minutes.

Does the Scope Have a Parallax Adjustment?

The parallax adjustment is missing on this scope. This was a surprise since other models from Simmons do have the function.

Given the price and zooming range of the scope, it is understandable that parallax adjustment is missing here. Parallax adjustment only makes a significant difference for long-range shooting scopes. Since this is a short-to-medium range scope, aimed particularly for tactical shooters, the missing parallax adjustment can be ignored.


  • This riflescope offers great performance for most types of hunting and shooting runs – Find the Best Deer Hunting Scope – Reviews and Buying Guide
  • A very affordable scope
  • A sleek, elongated design that will fit right in with most rifles – How to Sight in a Rifle Scope Without a Boresighter?
  • Good build material and a matte finish that is easy to clean
  • It has Simmons’ Truplex reticle that provides precise targeting without any guesswork
  • The lens has a wide range of views from 3X to 9X that allows shooting up to a few hundred yards.
  • The scope is an 8-point, 3-9 x 50mm scope, making it very easy to mount
  • It is a sturdy scope that is waterproof, recoil proof and fog proof allowing you to use it in harsh weather conditions with ease
  • It has fully coated lenses for sharper, brighter, clearer images
  • The knobs are capped which ensures that the settings do not get messed up while shooting


  • The front lens is quite big making it slightly difficult to mount and use on your rifle
  • The eye relief is less than 4” which some shooters may not be used to
  • The mounting rings do not come with the lens and you will need to buy them separately
  • The lens is only useful for short-range to mid-range shooting
  • The original packaging does not come with a bag or case for storing the scope
Simmons 3-9x40 Truplex Riflescope
Simmons 3-9×40 Truplex Riflescope

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What Type of Shooter Will Benefit From This Scope?

The Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle scope is an entry-level rifle scope because of its low cost and limited targeting range. It will serve you well if you are a beginner or just getting into shooting. The scope provides all the basic functions that you’ll need without causing a dent in your wallet.

If you already have a scope, you will see that some of the features offered by this scope are more than what is currently being offered in the market for sights at a much higher price. It is more than just a basic beginner’s scope. It is quite sturdy and comes with coated lenses that make it optimal for tactical use and hunting.

Farmers will find it great to shoot down foxes and other wild critters. It also offers enough sighting and zooming functions to help you improve accuracy through better shooting visibility in low light conditions.

Eventually, as your accuracy and shooting range increase, you will want to move on to something more expensive. Nonetheless, beginners and even experienced shooters will find it useful for short-range shooting.

Final Verdict

The Simmons 8-point 3-9 x 50mm Rifle Scope is a decent, affordable scope that will help improve your shooting skill and hunting vision. The scope offers many great features that ensure you will have the best hunting experience.

The scope is easy to mount and set up, making it one of the best for new users. It is reliable, durable and affordable and gets the job done without exerting too much effort. It is a great scope for virtually all types of shooters who want a low-cost solution.

Do you have more questions or something to add? Leave us a comment below.

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