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Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint Riflescope

Trijicon introduced its new 4-16×50 mm scope as part of the AccuPoint series. The scope is available today and gives he tactical marksmen, long-range hunters and precision rifle shooters a new option to perform precise shots in any light conditions while not needing batteries.

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint Riflescope

The scope comes with six different reticle variations. All reticles all feature advanced fiber-optics and tritium illumination for quick and precise targeting. The dual-illumination adjusts its brightness based on existing light conditions by itself. The brightness can also be controlled manually by the shooter.

The glass of the Trijicon scope features multiple coatings to provide outstanding optical clarity and brightness. The scope is made from aircraft-quality aluminum. This provides a rugged scope that performs in all weather. The tube of the scope features a 30mm diameter which matches it perfectly to the 50mm objective. It also ensures that a shooter can use readily available mounting options for the scope. In addition, the scope does provide generous eye relief which is specifically important for rifles with heavy recoil.

The turrets on the Trijicon AccuPoint are capped. They offer precise adjustments for windage and elevation. The adjustment range for both is 80 MOA. Both elevation and windage can be adjusted in 0.25 MOA or 0.1 mils for each click. The scope additionally features a side parallax control. This quickly adjusts the focus to allow you to engage targets independent of the distance. The adjustments are accurate and repeatable after you zero the scope @ 100 yds or any other preferred range.

The riflescope features variable magnification from 4x to 16x based on a 4x zoom range. The magnification can be adjusted quickly with the integrated zoom ring knob. There’s even an optional extender to make it easier when wearing gloves or during high-stress conditions.

Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50mm Riflescope
Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50mm Riflescope

You can get the Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint rifle scope with six different reticles. The reticle is positioned in the second focal plane to provide pinpoint accuracy at any magnification setting.

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint Classic Duplex Crosshair Reticle with a green dot

Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50 Reticle Standard Duplex Crosshair Green Dot

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint MOA-Dot Crosshair Reticle with a green dot

Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50 Reticle MOA-Dot Crosshair Green Dot

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint MIL-dot Crosshair Reticle with a green dot

Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50 Reticle Mil-Dot Crosshair Green Dot

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint Triangle Post Reticle with green, red or amber triangle

Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16x50 Red Triangle Post Reticle

The scope is designed to be used with both traditional bolt-actions as well as modern sport rifles. The magnification, large objective, and tube diameters, as well as the glass quality, make it a great choice for long-range precision shots. Whether on the range or for hunting, this scope is built rugged to support the shooter in any condition.

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Kevin Collins