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Vortex Sparc II Review

Review of the Sparc II Red Dot Sight from Vortex

Similar to the Strikefire sight, Vortex also updated the Sparc Red Dot optic. Maybe not the most inventive that it is called the Sparc II now. Looking closer you will find a few interesting updates compared to the original model.

Review of the Sparc II Red Dot Sight from Vortex

Review of the Vortex Optics Sparc 2 Red Dot Sight

Vortex added flip caps to the Sparc II as well as a changed battery which is now a 2032 and the battery cap can be opened without a coin. The thread to add a magnifier is still around but the 2x magnifier that came with the original Sparc is not there anymore.

Another change is that the on/off buttons are now on the backend of the optic instead of the side. This is great as there’s no accidental switching off the red dot if you put your rifle on the side. Last but not least, the sight now has a 12-hour automatic shutoff instead of 8 hours.

The optic comes with a red dot reticle and is available at a great price. It has a fixed magnification and Vortex does not recommend combining it with the VMX-3T Magnifier yet there’s no obvious reason why you couldn’t combine the two.


  • All lenses are fully Multi-Coated
  • Red Dot reticle
  • 90 MOA Windage and Elevation adjustment range in 1 MOA steps
  • Parallax free
  • Eye Relief is unlimited
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Fogproof
  • 22mm Objective Lens Diameter
  • Brightness adjustable in 10 different levels
  • Dot Intensity adjustable in 10 different levels
  • Depending on brightness settings the battery life is between 300 and 5,000 hours
  • Fixed 1x magnification


The Sparc 2 is a low- to mid-range red dot sight. Pricing is reasonable when you compare it to other reflex sights offering capabilities that are comparable.

It’s a truly lightweight sight at only 5.9 ounces. Length is a mere 3.1 inches which makes it a sight that you can practically mount on anything that shoots. Well, maybe not anything but at least anything that makes a loud noise and shoots bullets… 

It does come with a three-piece mounting base to make the sight even more versatile. It can be mounted at four different heights at 18 mm, 21 mm, 37 mm and 40 mm. This way you can practically mount the sight on any kind of rifle including AR-15’s. You can also set the sight up for co-witnessing with an iron sight on your rifle.

The optic is coated with a scratch-resistant black finish. The sight features a 22mm objective lens diameter. This is sufficient for most tactical uses and when hunting in daylight. It’s a little small to let the maximum amount of light get into the red dot when lighting is getting bad. It’s built sturdy and durable and will withstand a lot of abuse in the field without a problem.

The red dot intensity can be adjusted in 10 different levels. The same for the overall brightness of the image that also can be adjusted in 10 levels.

The Sparc ii is nitrogen purged to make it fog proof. It is sealed with O-rings to prevent any water to get into the optic. Lastly, Vortex also made the red dot completely shockproof. It’s designed to withstand both impacts as well as recoil.

The red dot optic does not offer any magnification. While Vortex recommends that you do not combine it with the VMT-3T magnifier, there’s no real reason why not to. If you intend to use the sight for longer distances then using a magnifier will help with getting a good target image.

Pros and Cons

This sight overwhelmingly only has positive features. It’s hard to find a truly negative thing about it.


  • Very light red dot reflex sight
  • Easy and intuitive adjustments
  • Multiple mounting heights
  • Built tough and sturdy
  • LED dot provides good brightness even in bright sunlight


  • Vortex does not suggest to combine with magnifier

Where to buy?

Anytime you’re looking for optics for hunting or tactical use you want to look on Amazon. The Vortex Spark 2 can be found on the site hassle-free.


You will have a hard time finding a red dot sight that is tougher than this one. It’s very versatile and the four different mounting heights make it a great choice for nearly any rifle including AR’s. The different mounting heights also allow to setup co-witnessing with iron sights if you’re considering such a setup.

 It provides fast target acquisition and outstanding optics. In addition, it’s a really lightweight and compact sight. If you will often use it in low-light conditions then you might be better off with sight with a larger lens. 

A good example of such a sight is the StrikeFire II from Vortex.

Review of the Sparc II Red Dot Sight from Vortex
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