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Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights Review

The Venom Red Dot Sights come from the Vortex brand, which is known for its commitment to quality optics and firearms accessories. The Venom Red Dot Sights are great for ARs, pistols, or shotguns, making them versatile and a prime choice for any kind of tactical shooter or hunter.

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights Review

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Available in 3 or 6 MOA dot reticles, the Venom Red Dot Sights are easy to install and offer quick target acquisition that you are sure to notice right away. The 6 MOA dot size is better suited when you want to use the red dot on a shotgun. Besides offering good distance variables, they come at a price point that is consistent with similar products on the market.

The Venom Red Dot Sights are relatively straightforward to use and mount to your platform. They also come with the necessary tools so you can mount them securely. For those who are fond of red dot reticles, this is a Vortex product that is worth checking out. These sights offer crisp and clear images, ease of use, and plenty of versatility as you will see from the technical details below. – Find out how red dots work at night! Are they any good?

Overview of Features

When you receive your Venom Red Dot Sight, it will come with a Weaver/Picatinny mount, T-15 Torx wrench, screwdriver, and mounting screws, rain cover, and lens cloth. The sight takes a CR 1632 battery, which is also included. The battery lasts up to 150 hours on the highest setting but up to 30,000 hours on the lower settings. There is a top-load system for the battery, which is convenient as it allows for quick installation without taking your eyes off the sight.

As for a few other basic details, the Venom Red Dot Sight is 1.9 inches long and weighs in at just 1.1 ounces. Its low rail mount clamps to a slotted base rail but you may also opt for the riser mount so that it sits more comfortably on a rifle. The Venom Red Dot comes with the necessary tools to screw it onto your platform. As it is flexible and reliable, you can use this sight for hunting at medium and long ranges or for tactical shooting practice.

Vortex Optics Venom 3 MOA Red Dot Sight
Vortex Optics Venom 3 MOA Red Dot Sight

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Technical Aspects

Check out the features below to get a more detailed view of the Venom Red Dot Sight, including its magnification range, MOA adjustments, light transmission, and more.

Zoom and Magnification Ranges

The Vortex brand comes with a reputation for high-quality firearms accessories and optics, as is apparent with the Venom Red Dot Sight. The 1x magnification sight is available in 3 or 6 MOA so you can choose whichever suits your eye best. You can use it at just about any distance as well as in intense daylight. Also, the waterproof and fog-proof lenses are a great touch and allow you to get a clear view of your target.

Available Reticles

First of all, the bright red dot paints all targets under just about any light condition and environmental background. Both the 3 and 6 MOA have that distinct red color that is bright as day, granting you a precise point of aim no matter the weather. An O-ring seal keeps moisture, dirt, dust, and other debris from getting in. The red dot sight is perfect for tactical shooting practice (best AR-15 red dots) as well as hunting mid- to long-range targets.

Field of View

The large viewing window and sight pictures make for easy, rapid shooting transitions and target acquisitions without pesky obstructions. You will also notice the edge-to-edge resolution and highly contrasted images, thanks to the high-quality, fully multi-coated glasses. The proprietary XR treatment from the optics-focused Vortex brand means that you always get a clear picture as well as better light transmission.

Eye Relief

With its unlimited eye relief, the Venom Red Dot Sight grants you rapid target acquisition in addition to normal and micrometric double focusing. This helps you zero in on your aim without worrying about how close you are to the eye box – How to Avoid a Scope Bite – What is Scope Eye – How do you Prevent it?

The Venom Red Dot Sight features a comfortable eyepiece with adjustable ocular distance. Plus, the eyepiece is at a 45-degree angle for easier viewing. Something else to consider is its rugged, shockproof design that can easily withstand recoil and impact.

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Lens Size

The 26.5mm lens has 10 brightness settings so that you can always keep your eyes on the little red dot. Sometimes it is easy to assume that bigger is better but objective lenses of this size tend to boost efficiency; plus, they require a smaller mount with no need for added weight.

They are also great for more tactical-style shots and do a better job of camouflaging you against reflective light. With the Venom Red Dot SIght, you can choose from manual or automatic brightness mode for ease of use.

Vortex Optics Venom 6 MOA Red Dot Sight
Vortex Optics Venom 6 MOA Red Dot Sight

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This sight is 1.1 inches wide at its largest point so it is not the slimmest. That being said, it is strong and durable, made from an anodized finish for a hard exterior that can stand up to environmental factors. Also, the matte black color is low-glare and provides great camouflage for the shooter. Add to that the ArmorTek coating and you have got a finish that keeps scratches, dirt, and oil away.

Light Transmission

The Venom Red Dot Sight has a fully multi-coated lens that increases overall light transmission, which is what provides those crisp and clear images. There is also an anti-reflective coating on the glass to camouflage you even against glassy surfaces.

The light transmission becomes even more apparent when paired with the wide field of view lens so you can take advantage of premium viewing and more accurate target acquisition.

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Turrets, Parallax Settings, and Adjustments

We will keep everything together here since the adjustments primarily relate to the MOA details. First of all, the adjustment graduation is 1.05 MOA at 100 yards with a maximum elevation adjustment of 130 MOA and a max windage adjustment of 100 MOA. The overall quick acquisition and simple adjustments make this red dot sight a crowd favorite.

While this Venom sight is technically parallax-free, all red dot sights will have the smallest bit of parallax. Even so, it is considered negligible by industry experts so it maintains the title of “parallax-free.” For added convenience, the left-hand side holds the power adjustment and dot controls for easy and quick access. There, you can choose between 10 different brightness levels. In addition, there is also an automatic brightness mode that relies on ambient light to control the red dot intensity (check out our evaluation of the Bushnell TRS-26 RDS). You can always lean on this setting when you are in a pinch.

The 1 MOA adjustment increments are smooth and make for rapid sight changes. To alter your elevation or windage adjustments, simply click the dials left or right or up or down as indicated by the arrows.

Vortex Optics Venom mounted on rifle

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To wrap up, the Venom Red Dot Sight’s reticle offers flawless performance if you use it right. It grants you quick sight-in and stands up to recoil so it will not budge no matter what you put it up against. Its single-piece chassis is lightweight and compact, making it a great sight to keep on hand no matter what.

Don’t be fooled; this Venom red dot sight is not just for automatics. The aluminum body can handle a beating but it also creates an unassuming design that works for both tactical shooters and those who prefer to use it for a hunting rifle. It comes at a decent price that is on par with competitors.

All that being said, it does not have the most exact MOA settings and you need to loosen the screws in order to make changes to your elevation and windage adjustments.

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